Free 45-49 year old Health Check

Are you aged between 45 & 49 years old?

Are you motivated to preserve your youth and vitality? At a time in life when family and work pressures can be at an all time high, this is the critical time for the onset of chronic illness.

The Australian Government provides initiatives to identify and address chronic illness in the 45-49 year old age bracket. General Practitioner, Dr Viv Chai, is offering FREE comprehensive medical health checks for patients aged between 45 and 49 years old.

To make an appointment with Dr Viv, book online or call our reception team on 8689 3823‬.

Please note: this consult identifies potential chronic illness, with a view to implementing preventative action. Due to time restrictions, non-chronic health issues will require a separate consult. We appreciate your understanding.

Chronic disease risk factors

A health assessment at this stage of life can help you make the necessary lifestyle changes to prevent or delay the onset of chronic diseases such as  asthma, cancer, cardiovascular illness, diabetes, mental health conditions, arthritis or musculoskeletal conditions.

Risk factors for chronic disease include:

. Lifestyle risk factors, such as smoking, physical inactivity, poor nutrition or alcohol use.
. Biomedical risk factors, such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, impaired glucose metabolism or excess weight; and
. A family history of a chronic disease.

Your health assessment will include:

. A thorough patient and family history, examinations and investigations as required;
. An overall assessment of your health
. Initiating interventions and referrals as indicated;
. Advice and information; including strategies to achieve lifestyle and behaviour changes;
. A written report with recommendations to prevent and address chronic illness

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To book your FREE comprehensive health assessment with Dr Viv, book online or call our reception team on 8689 3823‬.