Overcome Anxiety Program

Does anxiety have a grip on you?

Have you tried various methods and strategies to quell your anxiety, yet nothing seems to work?  This program is a one of a kind approach to change your relationship with anxiety.

Having treated hundreds of patients, we have found success in treating the following four pillars of this often debilitating condition:

  1. Mindset
  2. Biological imbalances.
  3. Nutrition
  4. Physical symptoms

Overcome Anxiety Program

Our program is personalised to meet your needs and on completion, you will benefit from the following:

    1. Relief of the physical symptoms of anxiety
    2. Quietening of the mind and improved focus
    3. Improved sleep and energy
    4. And much more...

Are you ready to rid your life of anxiety and feel at ease?

 Only 6 places available per month

Our team are here to help you!

Dr Viv Chai

General Practitioner

. Investigate the underlying causes of your anxiety
. Discover chemical imbalance, environmental factors, nutritional deficiencies and hormonal dysregulation.

Overcome Anxiety Program

Marilou Coombe

Mind Set Coach

. Understand the emotional base to your anxiety
. Reframe your experience of anxiety
. Implement long term strategies to overcome anxiety

Simone Roberg

Nutrition & Health Coach

. Remove anxiety boosting foods (yes, they do exist)
. Develop a workable and enjoyable eating program
. Implement nutrients to soothe the body and mind

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Kate Lister

Somatic Mind Body Therapist

. Learn breathing techniques to employ during times of anxiety
. Remove the physical sensations of anxiety
. Ground your body and mind to alleviate anxiety

Our clients say...

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"I cannot recommend Marilou enough. She makes every client feel special and worthy of being listened to and appreciated. Her mission of empowering clients is so important and I can’t think of anyone better to lead that - her loving and caring nature shines through every interaction"

"I would absolutely recommend Simone as a Nutritionist/Coach to guide anyone who wants to better their health and life. She has shown me that she truly cares and has become my confidant and willing to stand by my side as I learn and implement new things while following her guidance to continue to make improvements in my life."

"Kate is a warm, gifted & empathetic practitioner who tunes in to individual needs safety & compassionately. After having major surgery and going through breast cancer, Kate has been instrumental in supporting me to regain trust in my body, strength, confidence and resilience. I am forever grateful."

How is the program structured?

Our program includes a total of 4 appointments - 1 x 30 min appointment with each practitioner.

Let's investigate any physiological causes of your anxiety
with General Practitioner, Dr Viv Chai

Remove anxiety boosting foods and incorporate important nutrients
with Nutritionalist, Simone Roberg

Learn breathing techniques to remove the physical sensations of anxiety
with Somatic Mind Body Therapist, Kate Lister

Understand the emotional base of your anxiety
with Mindset Coach Marilou Coombe

Although we recommend all appointments be in-person, Telehealth appointments are also available.

Let's get started...

4 appointment package

$997 including...

4 x 30 min consults with our expert team

1 month supply of anxiety-relieving nutrients

Deeply relaxing 1-hour massage

Informative, anxiety-relieving, educational videos


Would like to learn more about the 6 week program?

Book a FREE Discovery Call with our Mind Set Coach, Marilou Coombe.